Larry Flynt Inspired by Alleged Mitt Romney Tax Records Hacker

He is willing to pay $1 million (800,000 EUR) to anyone who can provide the information

The hacker who claims to have obtained the tax records of presidential candidate Mitt Romney has given ideas to quite a few individuals. Among them is Larry Flynt, the founder of Hustler magazine, who is willing to pay $1 million (800,000 EUR) to anyone who can give him the valuable information.

The tax records of an infamous man, especially one that wants to become the president of the United States, can be a gold mine to his adversaries.

Apparently, Flynt will hand over the large amount of money to anyone who can provide him with some dirt on Romney’s business partnerships, bank accounts, offshore assets, and unreleased tax returns, AdWeek reports.

Of course, the reward is offered only in exchange for "documented evidence."

So, this is the hacker’s big chance. He demanded $1 million (800,000 EUR) in Bitcoins for the key that allegedly decrypts the documents and now someone is willing to pay. That is, if he’s not bluffing.

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