Largest Black Hole Blast Discovered: Link to Cosmological Mystery Solving

Distant quasar might reveal the origins and mechanisms of the galaxies, scientists say

A supermassive quasar recently detected by astronomers is believed to help solving the cosmological mystery regarding the brightness of the black holes in the middle of galaxies.

The galaxy's material ejection is the most powerful ever known, involving an amount of energy two trillion times bigger than the one released by the Sun, Space reports.

Trying to unveil the phenomenon that makes galaxies blast material away from their body, scientists created a computer simulation of our universe, observing the behavior of supermassive black holes in cosmos.

“Our simulations showed that if we allowed the quasar to release a lot of mechanical energy, then the masses of galaxies would match observations,” said Nahum Arav, a Virginia Tech astrophysicist.

The majority of the quasars located millions of light-years away from Earth appear to us in a state they were a long time ago, thus offering us a view over a very distant moment in the evolution of the universe, when galaxies were still young.

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