Laptop Makers Say Windows 8/RT Tablets Are Hard to Sell

This is the latest statement of this sort since the appearance of the OS

Analysts, notebook makers and most other people have already agreed on the fact that Windows 8 didn't turn out to be such a miracle.

Taiwan-based notebook supply chain makers are once again confirming this.

According to them, selling tablets running the Windows 8 or Windows RT operating systems is hard.

10-inch Windows 8 models are just too expensive, at $700 / 700 Euro), when NVIDIA Tegra 3 slates sell for $400-500 / 400-500 Euro.

Windows 8/RT also has too few apps compared to Android.

The latter problem will solve itself in time, but the former won't, unless Microsoft reduces the licensing fee and product designers completely revise their hardware blueprints.

At this rate, Microsoft and the few who have been allowed to launch Windows RT tablets at the same time as the OS itself will waste their three-month head start.

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