Landlord Has Outrageous Rules About Pork in the Fridge, Guests

One of the rules refers to only taking 15-minute showers

If you rent and often thought your landlord was being unreasonable, you haven't met this man. The landlord from hell lives somewhere in the UK, but I guess we will never know where.

A picture of his rules and regulations for tenants made it to Reddit and Twitter. It quickly became viral, garnering almost 3,000 comments and over 1,000 retweets.

The list includes 31 items, which you can read in full here. Its highlights include “no pork in the house,” having your things “thrown out as junk” if found in the living room and only taking 15-minute showers.

“The pork sanction was the deal-breaker. I could've handled the shower/sleep/cooking/existing allowances,” uploader Laura Evelyn explains.

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