Lance Armstrong and Ashely Olsen Used to Date, According to Tell-All Book

The couple had to put an end to their relation as it was damaging Armstrong's career

While her equally famous sister Mary-Kate has just been reported to have engaged Olivier Sarkozy, the former president's half-brother, Ashley is now making the headlines due to a new tell-all book about cyclist Lance Armstrong which claims the two formed a couple for a brief while in 2007.

The new book called “Cycle of Lies,” is written by Julie Macur and it reveals some of the saucier moments in the athlete's life, who has been linked to several famous women in the past. It offers a surprising account of Lance and a much younger Ashley Olsen hooking up and having a secret affair.

According to the book quoted by Radar, Armstrong and Olsen got together just weeks after the athlete broke up with designer Tory Burch in October 2007. He sought consolation in the young and lovely arms of former TV star and current fashion magnate Ashley Olsen.

At the time, the odd couple were spotted in New York City on several occasions. The book speaks of such an event at the infamous Rose Bar in the Gramercy Park Hotel where “Ashley drank red wine, sat on his lap and they were making out all night. They left together around 2 a.m,” according to a person who witnessed the whole thing.

Just a couple of days later, there were spotted at the Waverly Inn, again being very seeming very intimate and affectionate at the same time. Remember that there was a 15-year difference between the two, with Lance being a respectable 36 and Ashley a tender 21.

The entire affair is rumored to have been stopped by Armstrong's handlers, who were worried that if news got out of his relationship with her, it would end up affecting his image.

John Korioth, Lance's long-time friend and the head of Armstrong's Livestrong Foundation took it upon himself to “warn the thirty-six-year-old father of three that his May-December romance could damage his cancer work,” it's said in the book.

The author quotes Korioth as saying “Whoa, dude, bad idea. You’ve got to put a stop to this right now.” He didn't find any sympathy in the still infatuated Armstrong who bitterly replied “She's twenty-one ...[expletive] you.”

Fortunately for both, the relationship would fizzle out on its own just a couple of months later, as Armstrong would move on to his next conquest, the actress Kate Hudson. Apart from her, Lance Armstrong has also been famously involved with singer Cheryl Crow for a long time.

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