Lance Armstrong Confesses to Everything on Oprah: I Started Doping in Mid-‘90s

Controversial cyclist says he couldn’t have won the Tour de France titles otherwise

Lance Armstrong just broke the hearts of his many fans from all over the world, the same fans who stood by him for years throughout the doping scandal. He just confessed to everything on Oprah, as the video below will confirm.

The controversial cyclist agreed to sit down with Oprah for an interview for Oprah’s Next Chapter, in the aftermath of his refusal to fight doping charges anymore, which led to his being stripped of his Tour de France (but not only) medals.

The TV special also included a Yes or No segment, in which Armstrong answered – for the first time with honesty – the many questions that have been swirling in the press for years.

His answer to all of them was Yes: yes, he did use EPO (erythropoietin), yes, he did use blood transfusions and yes, he did use testosterone.

He said he started doping in the ‘90s and stressed that he believed he would not have won any of the Tour de France titles without the performance enhancing drugs.

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