Lamar Odom Goes Missing, Is Addicted to Crack Cocaine

Reports say wife Khloe Kardashian is besides herself with worry

Over the weekend, word got out that NBA star Lamar Odom had been hiding a severe drug addiction for the past couple of years, and that it was the reason why he and wife Khloe Kardashian were having marital issues. A new report suggests that he’s gone missing.

TMZ, the same media outlet that ran the addiction story, claims to have it on very good authority that Lamar has gone missing, after Khloe kicked him out of the house last week, when she and the family staged an intervention to get him to rehab but he resisted.

Insiders close to the star tell the e-zine that the entire Kardashian family is thinking that he’s on a bender – and they’re worried sick about him.

Moreover, TMZ writes in a separate post, they have every reason to be so: Lamar’s drug of choice is crack cocaine, other spies reveal.

“Lamar Odom has been deep into crack cocaine for at least 2 years,” the e-zine claims.

“Sources say Lamar's crack use was extreme before he went to rehab, but he cleaned up his act during the basketball season that just ended. Sources say shortly after he hung up his jersey, he started again with a bang,” the report continues.

When Khloe confronted him, with some help from the fam, Lamar responded by packing his bags and storming out.

He hasn’t been heard of since.

“Sources connected to the NBA star tell us people on Lamar's side, and on the Kardashian side have not been able to find Lamar or contact him for nearly 72 hours – and we're told the main concern is he's hiding out while doing crack cocaine,” TMZ writes.

In an update, the media outlet says Odom’s rep said he was fine but would not disclose his location or address the addiction rumors.

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