Lady Gaga’s First Single Off “ARTPOP” Album Is “Applause”

“It’s all in the details,” as the singer herself said a while back

Lady Gaga promised her Little Monsters (her fans) that the first single off her brand new album, “ARTPOP,” would drop on August 19. However, she failed to provide a name for it, thus sending the same fans on a treasure hunting quest.

They believe that the answer to that question is in the image above, which was posted on Gaga’s Little Monsters official website.

As you can see, the pic is of the singer in front of an easel, on which a photo has been glued. Above it, in red capital letters is the word “applause.”

The post was named “26 Days” and fans did the math and realized that that’s almost how much time is left until the single drops. Hence, it can’t but be named “Applause.”

The Little Monsters seem convinced that they’re right on the money, but we’ll see about that when the single drops.

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