Lady Gaga on Her Weight: Adele Is Bigger Than Me, How Come Nobody Says Anything About It?

Singer talks her Body Revolution, namedrops Adele completely out of the blue

A short while ago, Lady Gaga grabbed headlines all over the world by daring to bare her (now curvier) body to silence those who were saying she was “fat.” She’s now namedropping Adele in a new interview.

Speaking with Styleist UK about the controversy around her weight, which shouldn’t have existed in the first place, Gaga notes that there are other female celebrities out there that should get the kind of negative media attention she got.

Adele, for instance.

“Adele is bigger than me, how come nobody says anything about it?” Gaga asks.

However, she didn’t mean it that way, even though voices online are saying she totally did.

“She’s so wonderful and I think her confidence is something I have to match. She has set the bar very high for a lot of women,” Gaga adds.

As for the movement she initiated right after talk of her weight gain started picking up, Body Revolution, the singer notes that it was just the thing to do, because the time had come for her to be involved in more than just making music.

“I was acutely aware of some photos on the internet – my mum called me and was like, ‘Did you gain weight?’ – everybody was telling me about it, and I didn’t really care,” she says.

“But when I heard it was on the news, where they talk about wars, the economy crashing and the election – I just thought, ‘This is [expletive]-ing ridiculous.’ I mean, what kind of example is that to a young girl sitting at home? I thought, well I don’t really care if they think I’m fat, because, quite honestly, I did gain about 30 pounds,” Gaga adds.

Indeed, Gaga has gained some weight in recent months after her father opened an Italian restaurant and she gorged on pizza and pasta, she said some time ago.

However, she sees nothing wrong with it and would like the media to stop picking on her for it, because it’s sending a very wrong message to all her fans (and not only) out there.

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