Lady Gaga Wears Gun Bra in First Post Sandy Hook Concert – Video

Pop star wears older prop, comes under fire in the press

After the spat with Sharon and Kelly Osbourne, Lady Gaga is making headlines again: this time for wearing a prop she’s used before.

In her first concert in a few months, Gaga donned a gun bra, as the video above will confirm.

*Please note that some discretion is recommended when viewing it because it contains images and two instances of language that might offend.

Wearing a gun bra wouldn’t be such a big thing (for Gaga) if it weren’t for the recent tragedy at the Sandy Hook elementary school in Newtown, Connecticut, which cost the lives of 27 people, including the shooter.

Gaga, just like Madonna before her, might not realize this but their use of such props could translate into a glorification of gun violence, angry voices online are saying.

Then, there’s also the timing: Gaga has a right to express herself as she sees it fit, but she should show more consideration towards the victims’ families, the same voices add.

Check out the video and let me know in the comments section below what you make of it: should Gaga ditch the gun bra for a while, or is this just another tempest in a teacup?

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