Lady Gaga Premieres New Song “No Floods” After Hurricane Sandy

Singer promises to get involved, offers whatever consolation she can now

Lady Gaga is just one of the many celebrities who are getting involved with various organizations in helping out victims of Hurricane Sandy. Because she can’t be there in person right now, Gaga is offering whatever consolation she can.

She’s just premiered a new song on her official Facebook page, called “No Floods” – “new” in the sense of “never heard before,” not in that of “just recorded.”

“i wrote this song when i was 16. so weird to hear it now because of hurricane. ‘NO FLOODS’ hope this will cheer u up,” Gaga says.

With the song, she offers the promise of help.

“i’ll be there as soon as i can to help my old neighborhood. I’m on tour + can’t let my fans down. I want to help with my hands with all of u,” the singer adds.

Above is the track. Check it out and let me know what you make of it.

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