Lady Gaga Possibly Engaged

Photographer Terry Richardson shocks with unlikely “announcement” on his webpage

If we're to believe photographer Terry Richardson, Lady Gaga is engaged and probably thinking about the day she'll be walking down the aisle as we speak. He “broke” the happy news on his official page.

Richardson is now accompanying Gaga on her tour and, as expected, he's posting the best photos he snaps on his official website, Terry's Diary.

Next to one of them, which shows Gaga holding up her left hand, on which a diamond ring can be seen on her engagement finger (see the photo attached), Richardson posted the “announcement.”

“Gaga showing off her new engagement ring!” he writes, basically telling the entire world that the singer will soon be married.

Though she's usually very active on Twitter, Gaga isn't saying anything about Terry's shock announcement, neither to confirm it nor to deny it.

Reports in the media claim that this might be just a hoax orchestrated by Terry, in which Gaga might also be involved.

“Despite a photo that seems to say to the contrary, Lady Gaga is NOT engaged,” TMZ writes, citing sources close to the star.

“Famed photog and close friend Terry Richardson posted a photo last night of Gaga sporting a huge rock, […] but our sources say it's just a ring and Gaga is not engaged to anyone,” the same media outlet goes on to say.

What's more, Gaga couldn't be engaged because she's not seeing anyone right now.

“It's unclear if Gaga is even dating anyone right now... recent reports say she broke up with BF Taylor Kinney,” TMZ explains.

Chances are that Richardson was just trying to have some fun by generating media attention with his claim online, and that Gaga knew nothing about it, because she's not in the habit of deceiving her fans like this.

Engaged or not, she will probably go on the record with a statement on her Twitter very soon, so rest assured you'll find out about it here.

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