Lady Gaga Is No Longer Eating, Claims Report

The singer may be exaggerating with dieting, report says

Just hours ago, Lady Gaga premiered her latest video, for the single “Alejandro,” which sees her dressed up as a nun or, contrarily, in nothing but her underwear. It’s obvious that the singer has lost some weight and is now more toned than before – but this leaves the door open to speculation that she might be neglecting her health in order to look good, E!’s Ted Casablanca for The Awful Truth ventures a guess.

A while ago, Gaga joked that she’d never diet because a pop star was not supposed to eat, so she just starved herself and complied with the rules. Later on, it emerged that she did actually pay more attention to what she ate, sticking to the 5-Factor Diet Plan and working out whenever she got the chance. She may very well be taking things to the extreme, Casablanca says now in a piece meant to see what fans (and the readers) also make of Gaga’s recent weight loss.

“Loved it? Or hated it (as one girl-kissing pop star is Tweeting)? Either way, we’re sure you’ve seen Lady Gaga’s newest music vid, for the catchy tune ‘Alejandro.’ If you were expecting a romp around Puerto Vallarta to match the summery hit, you obviously don’t know Lady G very well. Instead of margaritas and bull fighting, Gaga delivered gothic funeral processions and latex-clad nuns devouring rosaries. But all the doom and gloom isn’t why we’ve got a beef with the broad,” Casablanca writes.

“Maybe you were too distracted by the nearly nude, super buff soldiers strutting around in heels, but Lady Gaga is looking even thinner than last time we called the chick a stick. No wonder she’s collapsing at shows. The artist, as she so often protests, is practically emaciated. But don’t take our word for it – check out the video and let us know, does Gaga have a bigger problem than Ale-ale-andro calling her name?” the report further reads.

The piece in question, though nicely capped off with a question mark, suggests Gaga may be weighing a war against food as well, and not only against established cultural and social values. Fans putting in their two cents, though, seem not to agree with what the report implies saying that, yes, Gaga has lost some weight but she’s far from “emaciated.”

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