Lady Gaga Does amfAR New York Gala Decorated in Pearls

Singer comes up with new way of accessorizing

Lady Gaga is clearly one of the most creative presences in showbiz right now, having repeatedly proved that she knows no boundaries when it comes to shocking and setting the bar higher up for all those who would ever dare to emulate her. At the recent amfAR New York Gala, the singer pushed the envelope even further, working the red carpet in nothing but a two-piece, military-style jacket and cap and hundreds of pearls glued all over her body, as the Daily Mail can confirm.

As noted above, it’s no longer a secret that Gaga likes to shock and to set herself apart from other pop artists with her unique fashion style. After all, this is the woman who wears moving orbs as skirts and Alexander McQueen “claw” boots on a regular basis when even highly experienced models have problems keeping themselves upright in them. The other night, at the charity event, Gaga showed that there is truly no limit to her creativity and fearlessness.

Dressed in items that clearly no regular woman would ever dream of wearing outdoors – let alone to a place where dozens of cameras are – Gaga was also covered in white powder and in hundreds of white pearls. She also wore a white wig and strings of pearls hanging from one temple to another, all matching the all-white ensemble sprinkled with what looked like oversized pearls as well. She capped it all off with incredibly high platform boots.

“The only dash of color was Gaga’s bright pink lipstick – a special edition Mac creation named after the singer to raise funds for Aids research. The 23-year-old later gave a typically high-octane performance of her new song Future Love on top of a white piano. Lady Gaga arrived for the The Foundation for AIDS Research, amFAR, benefits gala in New York on the arm of Cyndi Lauper, who also modeled a special edition lippy,” the Mail says of Gaga’s unique look.

Lauper, with whom Gaga designed the Mac lipstick that both wore, for one, seemed very thrilled by her outfit, posing with her on the red carpet in such a way that photographers got the best look at the daring combination, including at the hundreds of pearls glued to her face.


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