Ladies Dressed in Lettuce Give Free Gas to Those Who Try Vegetarian Dishes

Taste buds, fuel tanks and eyesight should all be quite pleased

Later today, people in Fresno, California are quite likely to have a rather peculiar experience when they go to refuel their vehicles.

This is because several of PETA's “lettuce ladies” will be waiting to give them three gallons of free gas if and only if they agree to also try some vegan food.

To cut a long story short, both one's stomach and one's fuel tank will most likely leave the gas station feeling quite satisfied.

Apparently, said green-oriented organization hopes that their handing out free vegan food and free gas will determine more people to take a moment or two and think about the effects of climate change and what they can do to counteract some of them.

“In a time of rising gas prices and rising concern for the environment, we're going the extra mile to help Americans fill up on vegan fuel for their tummies and gas for their tanks,” one of the organization's “lettuce ladies” explained.

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