Lack of Laws, Fast Web and Many Potential Victims Make Africa a Haven for Cybercriminals

Trend Micro experts provide reasons to back up their 2013 predictions

In their predictions for 2013, experts from security firm Trend Micro have revealed that it’s likely that Africa will become a new safe haven for cybercriminals.

Now, Security Threat Researcher Loucif Kharouni, who is doing some detailed research on Africa’s threat landscape, explains why the old continent has the potential to become both a target and a safe harbor for cybercriminals.

According to Kharouni, Africa’s Internet infrastructure is very well developed, with ISPs offering a wide range of communication services.

“The availability of such a resource as stable and fast Internet connectivity will surely be considered valuable by cybercriminals,” the expert wrote.

Furthermore, the rapid development of the Web infrastructure also results in the increase in the number of Internet users. More users means more potential victims that are likely still unaware of best security practices.

Finally, the lack of cyber security laws in some African countries makes them a great place for cybercrooks to operate from.

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