LaCie Minimus Super-Compact USB 3.0 HDD Now in 2TB

The drive is not exactly small enough to do its name justice

By on November 7th, 2012 13:28 GMT

We'd have expected an external hard disk drive called the “Minimus” to be small and thin, but the USB 3.0-connected product from LaCie falls short of qualifying as such.

Measuring 110 x 173 x 33 mm (4.33 x 6.81 x 1.29 inches), and weighing 850 grams (1.87 pounds), it isn't a portable USB drive at all.

Instead, it is more of a USB-connected mass storage device for Smart TVs that need a lot of free space to record TV shows and the like.

Speaking of which, the capacity is of 2 TB, quite a bit beyond the previously-available 500 GB and 1 TB drives.

In that order, the prices are of $180 / 140-180 Euro, $99 / 77-99 Euro and $130 / 101-130 Euro. The brushed aluminum body with sharp edges should fit most any room layout.