LaCie Blade Runner, an External HDD That Looks like a Cooler

It is only being produced in limited quantities for those that have specific tastes

External hard disk drives, portable or otherwise, usually look like little boxes or cases made of plastic or some metal, or metallic alloy.

LaCie took a step away from the norm when it made the Blade Runner external HDD storage device.

Rather than a normal plastic or metal shell, the item has the looks of a large pebble merged with a heatsink. The unique design was made by Philippe Starck.

Another way to describe it would be an amorphous, matte grey blob, intersected by a bunch of aluminum panes perfectly parallel with one another.

Of course, the drive is completely solid, no matter what it looks like.

LaCie sells the Blade Runner for $299.99 / €299.99 and will only make 9,999 of them.

The connection to the PC is done through USB 3.0 and Power is indicated by an orange LED cross on the front. An automatic eco mode reduces energy use by 75%.

Finally, LaCie Private-Public software can add AES-256 encryption and password protection.

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