LG Xnote P210 Notebook Features ‘World's Thinnest Bezel’ and Stylish Design

Nowadays, it is hard for manufacturers to shave that much in size from their ultra-portable laptops without giving up on display size, but LG has found a way to make this happen in its new Xnote P210 that features what the company calls it to be the “world's thinnest bezel” used in a notebook.

According to the Korean manufacturer, this enabled them to fit a 12.5 inch screen in the same footprint as that occupied by an 11.6-inch display without having to skimp on features or portability.

This means that LG designed its notebook around a powerful 1.33GHz Intel Core i5 470UM processors that is specially designed to be used in ultra-portable computers as it delivers low heat output and power consumption.

Although a dual-core chip, this CPU features Intel's proprietary Hyper Threading technology that allows for up to four threads to be run simultaneously, Turbo Boost enabling the processor to run at 1.86GHz depending on the application being run.

In addition, LG has endowed the P210 with 4GB of DDR3 RAM memory, a 320GB 5400rpm slim hard drive and Intel HD graphics.

The rest of the feature list is comprised of a 1.3MP webcam as well as 802.11n and Bluetooth 3.0 connectivity.

According to the manufacturer, battery life is estimated at a maximum of 5.6 hours, but, unfortunately, we don't know whether the Xnote P210 comes with a removable power pack or not.

The ultra-portable notebook will be sold in Korea starting February 2011 for around 1.3 million won which roughly translates into $1,135 US.

When it reaches retail, the P210 will be available in three different colorways, including white/pink and lime green.

Sadly, no details were released regarding a worldwide launch, but I suspect this to remain a Korean exclusive at least for a few more months. (via engadget)


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