LG X-Note X170 Dual-Core Netbook Official

Even though market watchers keep saying how netbooks won't grow as quickly as one may have expected, computer makers are no less enthusiastic, as proven by LG, whose labs have just spawned a dual-core model.

Netbooks started out as entry-level mobile computers that could perform only the most basic of document viewing and web browsing tasks.

They later evolved into laptops which, while still entry-level, possess some multimedia playback abilities, some even handling HD and even Full HD videos.

There are even some models that use dual-core central processors, setting them ahead of the rest in terms of overall prowess.

This is the very type of netbook that LG has just completed, an X-Note mini notebook dubbed X170 and, as one would expect, powered by the Intel Pine Trail platform.

It sticks to the 10.1-inch screen size, the LED-backlit display having a native resolution of either 1,024 x 600 pixels or 1,366 x 768 pixels, depending on user choice.

At the heart of the PC lies the Atom N550 dual-core CPU, whose clock speed is of 1.5 GHz and which is backed up by 1GB of RAM.

Graphics capabilities are delivered, as one would expect, by the GMA (graphics media accelerator) 3150.

The laptop also boasts a hard disk drive with an internal storage space of 250 GB, plus the expected range of connectivity and I/O options.

The list includes 10/100 LAN, Bluetooth 3.0, WiFi, and the SmartPOP feature, which lets it easily connect to smartphones and perform data transfers, or text/call management.

All of the hardware is kept operational by a 6-cell battery and packed inside an enclosure that can have either a black/ivory or black/pink color scheme.

The LG X-Note X170 Pine Trail netbook will only be available, at first, in South Korean shops, priced at the equivalent of $566 to $602.

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