LG Unveils Cooky, an Upgraded Cookie KP500 Touchscreen

The new handset comes with more features than the original

Back in October 2008 LG released on the European market its low-cost LG Cookie KP500 touchscreen device, of which it managed to sell about 1.3 million units, As such, the company has seen that the device proves to be a great success and decided to put on display yet another similar handset, the LG Cooky, which is nothing else but a revamped version of the first phone.

To be more precise, the company took the older model and added a 3D accelerator chip meant to offer it more processing power, this way coming to the market with another low-cost touchscreen device. The new chip has been included with the phone to allow it to support the company's “S-class” 3D User Interface, another product that the phone maker praises a lot.

The new LG Cooky (LG-SU910/KU9100/LU9100) comes with some more capabilities than the previous model, as we can see it features 3G support with HSDPA, T-DMB TV tuner, TV-Out port, and the aforementioned hardware 3D acceleration, which is supposed to handle both the latest S-Class user interface and the T-DMB TV tuner.

The upgraded version of LG Cookie is expected to come to the market featuring three different colors, namely Shimmering White, Shimmering Rose, Shimmering Black. For what it's worth, the device seems to somehow resemble the popular LG Viewty, while featuring an external stylus.

According to the mobile phone maker, the new LG Cooky should become available on the market sometime in June 2009, but it will only come to Korean users. The price of the device has been set at 300 Euros. As for a European version of the mobile phone, it is expected to surface in the near future as well, only that it will not include the TV tuner as the Korean model does.

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