LG Smart World Website Reportedly Hacked, 11,000 Account Details Leaked (Updated)

The same hacker claims to have breached 32 Colombian government sites

A hacker called UR0B0R0X claims to have breached LG’s Smart World website (lgsmartworld.com). To demonstrate the fact that he has gained access to the site's databases, the attacker published a file containing the email addresses and associated password hashes belonging to more than 11,000 users.

I’ve reached out to LG representatives to see if they can confirm or deny the hacker’s claims. An update will be made to the article if they reply to my inquiry.

On November 2, the same hacker published a list of email addresses, users IDs and encrypted passwords allegedly stolen from a number of 32 websites owned by the government of Colombia.

I wasn’t able to verify his claims, but the affected websites apparently belong to various cities from all over Colombia.

In addition, the site of a commission in charge of regulating potable water and sanitation has also been breached.

Update. LG representatives have responded to my inquiry.

“We have been unable to verify a breach, and we can confirm that no private or sensitive information has been accessed,” John Taylor, Vice President of Public Affairs and Communications at LG Electronics USA said.

“The security of LG Smart World users’ data is a top priority, and we will continue to monitor reports of alleged hacking and take additional protective measures wherever necessary.”

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