LG Smart Appliances, Just One Tap of the Smartphone Away

The company reveals new refrigerators, robot vacuums, ovens and washing machines

Gadgets and PCs may get the most attention during trade shows like CES (Consumer Electronics Show), but “consumer electronics” extends much further than that.

LG will have one of the largest booths at the show in Las Vegas, Nevada, between January 8 and 11.

In addition to PCs, displays and gadgets, home appliances will be there in great number.

LG will have quite a few such things on show, many of them even capable of receiving commands from smartphones, as though from a remote control.

Starting the laundry by “phoning” on the way home from work, providing a list of food items in the fridge on the smartphone's screen, give simple voice commands, these are just a few of the things that LG says will be possible.

There will even be NFC (near-field communication). Just a touch of the smartphone will set the required oven cooking mode (based on recipes), activate the robotic vacuum cleaner, etc.

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