LG Returns to Roots with New LCD TV

I, for one, have to admit I like what it has going for it

What do you do when everyone around you tries their best to reinvent the wheel? Simple: you try to reinvent it yourself but hide it in a classic form factor.

Here comes LG with a new TV that tries to mimic the look and feel of a classic television set, complete with knobs and buttons. But don't fret, because only the aspect is retro. When it comes to specs, it is on-par with its 2013-built brothers.

It has HDMI, USB and MHL ports, 1080p IPS display (definitely no CRT display), can be connected to your phone or laptop through specific ports as well as coming with its very own remote control.

This might make the knobs and buttons obsolete, but you weren't going to get up from your couch every time you want to change channels, anyway.

As far as pricing goes, it is around $750 / €560; yet, according to Mashable, it is only available in South Korea.

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