LG Readies the G Watch Smartwatch, Uses Google Android Wear OS

The new operating system from Google has an early adopter already

The other day, Google formally introduced the Android Wear, an operating system specifically made for wearable devices. Now, LG is making a watch that runs it.

There have been rumors that LG is making a Google smartwatch, but now I wonder if maybe the company is making an own-brand model instead.

Or maybe LG is doing both. Either way, there are already rumors that LG is making a smartwatch running the Android Wear operating system.

No information exists on the hardware, and if things go well, the technical details won't ultimately matter, save when it comes to photo/video recording and wireless capabilities.

The specs will be disclosed of course, but “in the coming months” is all we've got to go on in regard to that.

The name of the LG device will be G Watch, according to LG Blog.

The wearable gadget will be, in the company's own words, “compatible with a wide range of Android smartphones.” No longer will you have only one or two phones compatible with your wrist-mounted electronic. The choice will truly be yours.

The LG G Watch will be released in the second quarter of 2014 (April-June) and will have a rival in the Motorola 360, which I will get to in a jiffy.

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