LG Pumps $655 Million into OLED Mass Production (489 Million Euro)

The new 8G production line will go into use and produce 55-inch displays

Since the quarrel with Samsung is more or less over now, LG is ready to invest more in the research, development and manufacture of organic light emitting diode displays.

Samsung accused LG of stealing its OLED technology, and this put pressure on both companies, especially after LG counter-sued Samsung.

The two agreed to drop all lawsuits a bit over a week ago though. The LG OLED injunction request was withdrawn shortly after, for example.

Since it doesn't need to worry about spending money on lawsuits anymore (though it is debatable whether it would have been a problem in the first place), LG is ready to invest more in OLED mass production.

In its newest press release, the company says it will spend 706 billion won, which translates into $655 million and 489 Million Euro according to exchange rates.

The 8G fabrication line from LG display will go into full operation, and will make 55-inch OLED HDTVs. The P9 plant in Paju is where the line will be installed.

OLED is an expensive technology, as all new technologies are at the very beginning. NAND Flash was the same, as was LED backlighting and so on.

LG's WRGB OLED evaporation process will be used, leading to better productivity and lifespan compared to the first attempts at OLED from the early 2000s. The monthly capacity will be of 26,000 input sheets.

OLED is seen as a good successor to LCD (liquid crystal display), because it does not only have a superior image quality and brightness, but it also integrates the light-emitting components straight in the screen.

Current display technologies use backlighting systems, where the light source is behind the actual screen, or around the edges.

Analysts believe the market will be worth $3 billion / 2.24 billion Euro by the time the year 2016 rolls around.

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