LG Preps 19-Inch Flexible E-Paper and 9.7-Inch Color Screen

Even though some companies may decide e-paper is not worth their time and resources, LG apparently has the other idea, as it is not only going to keep manufacturing them, but also intends to unleash two fairly innovative ones, namely a 9.7-inch color screen and a 19-inch flexible one.

E-paper is the type of display used in most e-readers, but this didn't at all stop Samsung from deciding to completely stop making them.

The company supposedly invoked cost reasons for this choice and will focus on liquid crystal solutions in the future.

LG, on the other hand, is not keen on the prospect of backing out of this segment, so it took a different route and revealed, through a SEC filing, that it would soon launch two new types of e-paper.

One of the products will be a 9.7-inch display whose most notable trait will be the support for color, something that traditional screens of this type lack.

This display will likely be aimed at next-generation e-book readers, possibly gaining traction quickly, depending on how consumer demand develops.

The other invention will be a 19-inch flexible e-paper with a thickness of 0.3 mm and a weight of 130 grams.

At first glance it may look like there may not be many electronics that would actually have a practical implementation for something like this,

Nevertheless, it is quite possible that flexible solutions like this one may become the new type of newspaper, though that would depend on whether or not LG manages to add touch input and other components on it without affecting its ability to bend.

Unfortunately, an exact time frame for the arrival of these two has not been provided. Still, until they do show up, end-users interested in the first-hand source of this information, and have the time and disposition, can filter through the SEC filing itself, located here.

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