LG Prada Wins 'Best of the Best' Award

At this year's red dot Design Awards

Since the release of the Chocolate, mobile phone manufacturer LG seems to be getting quite a few awards. This time it's Prada's turn to be praised and to receive the 'Best of the Best award' from the red dot Design Awards committee at this year's Design Awards. LG didn't stop at that though and managed to snag a total of 29 awards in different categories.

Sang Young Shin, the head of LG Electronics Corporate Design Center, said, "LG has proven our design expertise through recognition from this prestigious design organization for the past several years. With this momentum, we will solidify our commitment to emotive product design."

The LG Prada has been very appealing since the first photos of it showed up and is maybe the most popular mobile phone today, after the iPhone. It will also be the iPhone's main rival this year, and it's main advantage is that, compared to the iPhone, people are actually getting to see the actual LG Prada, not just photos.

Some of the features include a 2 megapixel camera, MicroSD card slot, media player and Bluetooth for connectivity. Co-developed by mobile communications leader LG and famous fashion house Prada, it is the perfect balance between LG's expertise in mobile phones and Prada's stylish design.

Prada was involved in every aspect of the phone, from the design to the advanced touch user interface or the content the handset comes with. In addition, according to its manufacturer, the Prada is the world's first full touchscreen interface phone.

LG has also managed to surpass its previous achievement from last year's event, when it received 20 awards, including two 'Best of the Best' awards. The red dot Design Award is one of the most prestigious design awards in Europe, along with the iF Design Award.

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