LG Prada's Launch Date Is Confirmed

Expect it to show up on the 22nd of March

The LG Prada, also known as the KE850, was announced in January and is one of the most sought after phones this year, just about but not quite as popular as the iPhone.

With an iPhone-like touchscreen and extremely good looks, it might just be one of the top sellers this year, especially in Europe where the iPhone might not end up being that popular.

The mobile phone comes with a 2 megapixel camera, an MP3 player, fast Internet connection, email access and file viewer for PDF and office file formats.

The main advantage of the Prada is that it will be released much sooner than the iPhone and that's why many people might decide not to wait to get themselves one of Apple's phones and go for this LG handset.

Fashion designer Prada is responsible for the looks of the phone, the design of the advanced touch user interface, ring tones, accessories and the content the handset comes with. According to sources the mobile phone is scheduled to be released in the United Kingdom on the 22nd of March this year.

It will be available at around £390, which is somewhat more expensive than UK's current top selling LG phone at the moment, the Shine. But much like in the case of the iPhone, the Prada is so anxiously anticipated, that the higher price shouldn't stop most people from getting themselves one.

In fact, most dealers are confident that despite its higher price, the LG Prada will sell more than the Shine. What's also worth mentioning is that, in this case, the popular mobile phone will be heading on to Europe first, and not the US or Asia.

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