LG Optimus GT540 Gets Android 2.1 Update

Owners of the affordable Android-based smartphone LG Optimus GT540 will be happy to find that the Korean manufacturer has just released the long awaited software update that will bring their devices from Android 1.6 to Android 2.1 (Eclair).

To be able to update to Android 2.1, LG Optimus GT540 users should download and install the latest version of the LG Mobile Sync software.

After upgrading the operating system from 1.6 to 2.1 all data stored on the phone, including applications downloaded from Android market will be erased, so users should backup their data in advance.

Any data stored on the SD card will not be erased so users may as well keep those backups on the external memory card.

The Android 2.1 OS upgrade brings new features such as Multiple Accounts, Quick Contacts Interface, HTML5 support in the browser, Microsoft Exchange support, Live Wallpapers and Bluetooth 2.1 support.

With the new “Multiple accounts” feature, users will be able to create additional accounts for email and contact synchronization, including Exchange accounts.

The Quick Contact Interface provides instant access to a contact's information and communication modes such as tapping a contact photo and selecting to call, SMS, or email the person.

Other applications such as Email, Messaging, and Calendar can also reveal the Quick Contact widget when the user touches a contact photo or status icon.

Support for HTML5 in the browser enables database API support, for client-side databases using SQL, application cache support for offline applications, geolocation API support to provide location information about the device, as well as “video” tag support in fullscreen mode.

Upgrading to 2.1 prevents users to return their LG Optimus GT540 to the previous version 1.6, so make sure the applications you are using frequently are fully compatible with Android 2.1.

Detailed information on how to upgrade LG Optimus GT540 to Android 2.1 can be found on the manufacturer's website.

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