LG, Motorola and Samsung to Bring Honeycomb Tablets at CES

LG, Motorola and Samsung, three of the largest mobile phone makers in the world, are expected to unveil in early 2011 their first tablet PCs running under Google's next Android operating system flavor, 3.0 Honeycomb.

Ever since Apple brought the iPad to the market, various manufacturers eyed the tablet PC segment, and announced plans to come to shelves with devices that would fit in this category, and LG, Motorola and Samsung are no exception here.

Among them, Motorola already announced officially plans to make the said device official at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas next year.

Last week, the handset vendor published a so called “Tablet Evolution” video, which put at the top of the tablet evolutionary chain an unannounced device from Motorola.

There is a little over 8 days and 10 hours left until the official announcement on this tablet PC will be made, at least this is what a counter on the mobile phone maker's website shows.

Then, we have Samsung, which already released a tablet PC into the wild, the Galaxy Tab, and which is expected to unveil a successor for this device in January.

No official info on what this device would be all about emerged for the time being, but rumor has it that we would see a 10-inch Galaxy Tab being brought to the spotlight at the event.

Most probably, Samsung won't stop here, and other versions of the device would also arrive on shelves, including a new 7-inch Tab with a better display and a more powerful application processor.

As for LG, it is the only handset vendor on this short list which hasn't made official announcements on this until now.

Of course, the company did unveil a few months ago plans to release a tablet PC in the already popular Optimus line, and the name Optimus Pad popped up a few times before, but specific details on this device lack at the moment.

What remains to be confirmed is whether all of these slates would run under Google's upcoming Honeycomb OS flavor or not. Details on the exact availability of these devices lack as well.

Hopefully, next week would bring all of the answers that we need. While Motorola is eager to make the unveiling, the news on LG and Samsung being set to make the said tablets official might be based on pure speculation, though Korea Times claims otherwise.

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