LG Launches Super-Thin OLED Television

Even amid lawsuits, the company boldly moves forward with its plans

The BBC has revealed that LG has formally introduced a 55-inch OLED TV set, called Cinema 3D Smart TV.

As the name suggests, this isn't the average display. It is more of a cross between a high-end TV and an all-in-one PC.

While it won't have nearly the same processing power as a computer, it should be able to access the Internet independently, and run certain apps.

So far, though, availability is restricted to South Korea alone, where its price is of around $10,300 / 7811 Euro.

One would think that LG would try to make an impression and offer something with a resolution better than Full HD (1920 x 1080), but that is not the case. 1080P it is.

On the other hand, OLED allows for a very, very thin frame. Not enough to justify the huge price perhaps but, then again, no one expected OLED TVs to start off at a reasonable price.

LG should have a model of this type at CES 2013, and maybe a few others next to it.

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