LG Getting Close to Eliminatig TV Bezels, New 55-inch Panel Debuts

It is a public display product, although consumer use is not out of the question

LG, being one of those companies that likes to have a big name on the display industry, released a new LCD that has an advantage in a certain area, even if consumers aren't going to enjoy it directly that often, in the short term at least.

LG has proven that it has made it something of a personal quest to create displays with little to no bezels.

For people who aren't sure, the bezel is that plastic frame, or whatever it is made of, that surrounds the actual panel of a monitor or HDTV.

Getting rid of that part of the panel is not as easy as some may think, but LG is definitely trying its hardest.

In fact, one might even risk saying that the company is almost there, or they will say so as soon as they lay eyes on the latest public model.

Measuring 55 inches in diagonal, it has such a thin bezel that the gap between individual panels is of only 5.3 mm.

This is basically nearly invisible from a moderate distance and allows for display walls and the like to be easily set up.

The native resolution of the screen is 1,920 x 1,080 pixels, Full HD as it were, while the 800 nits of brightness ensure that the colors are clear and sharp in any ambient light conditions.

Furthermore, the Local Dimming technology lowers power consumption by up to 40% compared to other products.

“The utility of public display products have been expanding,” said Jun Joon, Vice President of Public Display Department at LG Display.

“As a result, public display products have been solidifying their position as a key part of the overall display market, alongside TVs, monitors, and mobile devices. LG Display will leverage on its technological prowess to strengthen its global competitiveness in this booming sector.”

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