LG G Watch R Tipped to Arrive on October 14, to Be Priced Above $229 / €117 [WSJ]

You’ll have to wait until next month, if you want to pick up LG’s round watch

You are probably well aware that LG has rolled out its second smartwatch, the LG G Watch R that not only is round in design but also takes advantage of Google’s wearable platform Android Wear.

Naturally, LG has detailed all the specs and has provided us with a bunch of official photos of the device, but some of the most important bits of information related to the product were omitted from the press release, like when the new watch will arrive in the wild and how much we will have to pay for it.

Luckily for us, a new report from the Wall Street Journal sheds some light on this matter. So LG fans, you will be able to pick up your round smartwatch coming from your favorite company starting October 14.

But when it comes to pricing, LG apparently only disclosed the G Watch R will be more expensive than the G Watch, which is currently sold for $229 / €117.

We figured this would be the case and most likely the new round watch would arrive in retail with a rate revolving around the $299 / €231 (like the Samsung Gear 2).

Now for those who are still puzzled about why they have to pay so much for a smartwatch, here’s what the intelligent timepiece brings to the table.

Except the highly hyped round look, which has stolen the hearts of a lot of wearable enthusiasts ever since the Moto 360 was teased for the first time, the LG G Watch R is also the first watch to come with a circular Plastic OLED (or P-OLED) display that utilizes 100% of the watch’s face.

The screen is said to provide absolute clarity and great readability in direct sunlight, which is a must for a device you’ll be wearing in the wild.

Anyway, the watch draws life from a 1.2GHz Snapdragon 400 processor working with 512MB of RAM and 4GB of internal storage. When talking about smartwatch, processor capacity isn't bound to blow your mind, but surely a Snapdragon 400 will be enough to provide a fluid browsing experience from your wrist.

The LG G Watch R is said to be quite premium-looking as it has a stainless steel frame and will come equipped with an interchangeable 22nm calf skin leather strap and a whole host of watch faces that can be easily changed by virtue of a few taps.

This aspect might justify the price difference, since the LG G Watch has a plastic body and rubber band.

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