LG Focuses on Smartphones and Leaves Tablets Alone

We suppose it was a matter of time, given recent events

Like notebook companies, smartphone makers have tried to make a name for themselves on the tablet market, with varying results.

LG has now ended up in the group that failed. According to information running rampant on the net, the company has put tablet development and marketing on an indefinite hold.

Henceforth, on the mobile segment, it will focus on its smartphone business.

We must admit that this doesn't come as too great a surprise, not after the massive price cut that the Optimus Pad got last month.

All this probably means that the Optimus Pad LTE will never see the light of day after all.

From a businessman's perspective, abandoning a struggling branch of development makes sense, especially when the resources can be diverted easily towards other projects, in this case phones.

We can't help but wonder if it's really a perfect idea though, with Windows 8/RT so close. Sure, Microsoft's Surface may have come across as a bit daunting, but it's still just another addition to the tablet market in the end.

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