LG Display's In-Cell Touch Panel Gets Win 7 Certification

World's first in-cell touch panel to pass Microsoft's tests

Initially unveiled at FPD (Flat Panel Display) International Japan 2009, LG Display's 13.3-inch Capacitive In-Cell Multi-Touch screen panel has now managed to pass Microsoft's Windows 7 Touch Logo Certification tests. This in-cell touch panel provides support for two simultaneous touch inputs and, unlike other products that rely on multi-touch films, the touch sensors are built directly into the display.

“LG Display has successfully applied the Capacitive In-Cell Multi-Touch technology to large sized LCDs for notebook PCs. Until now, the technology had limited use in smaller devices like mobile phones. We believe Microsoft certification is a testament to the product’s excellence,” LG Display’s CTO and Executive Vice President, Dr. In-Jae Chung, noted. “We will continue to apply superior touch functions to larger IT products like notebooks and monitors to lead consumer and market trends.”

The Windows 7 Touch Logo Certification is Microsoft's program by means of which the compatibility and quality of multi-touch digitizers is established. LG Display's product is the first in-cell touch panel to achieve Windows 7 Touch Logo certification. The actual product is a 13.3-inch Capacitive Multi-Touch LCD panel whose touch sensors are built directly into the screen instead of a film. This method has a number of advantages, such as the ability to preserve picture quality and maintain the display's original thickness. Also, the panel is especially suited for notebooks used outdoors, as it does not allow light reflection, preserving visibility.

The 13.3-inch In-Cell multi-touch panel aims to carve out a large share of the multi-touch notebook market. DisplayBank predicts that the touch panel market will grow by over 100% from the USD2.1 billion in 2008 to USD5.4 billion in 2011, with the touch-panel market alone expected to reach USD800 million by that time (compared with 2008's USD300 million).

Mass production of the display solution is currently scheduled for the second half of the ongoing year.

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