LG Demos Ivy Bridge Powered Ultrabook at IDF 2011

The Shuriken Eighteen isn't expected to come out until Q2 2012

Intel's Ultrabook concept has managed to gain the acceptance of quite a few notebook makers, and at this year’s IDF, LG has also joined this bandwagon with the Shuriken Eighteen powered by the next-generation Intel Ivy Bridge processors.

The first thing that catches one's eye when taking a look at the Shuriken Eighteen is the unique black and white color scheme used by LG for the notebook.

According to the Netbook News website, which has some hands-on time with LG's creation, this finish doesn't do it any justice as it makes the Ultrabook look cheap, while the glossy paintjob has the tendency to gather up fingerprints like a magnet.

Beside this shortcoming, the Shuriken Eighteen is quite an attractive creation as it comes with a thin bezel design that shaves quite a few millimeters from the final dimensions of the notebook.

As far as the specification of the LG Ultrabook are concerned, just a limited amount of info is available at this moment as we only know that it will be powered by an Ivy Bridge CPU which will be paired together with 2GB of system memory.

Connectivity wise, the Shuriken Eighteen will include wireless LAN as well as 2 USB 2.0 ports, an HDMI output and a Mini DisplayPort video connector.

LG hasn't said anything about the availability or the price of the Shuriken Eighteen, but Ivy Bridge processors aren't expected to come out until the second quarter of 2012.

However, when they are released, the CPUs will bring a series of improvements over the current Intel chips based on the Sandy Bridge architecture such as DirectX 11 graphics, lower power consumption and a configurable TDP technology.

The last two features are expected to greatly improve the battery life of notebooks using them without having a detrimental effect on processing power.

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