LG Announces European Launch of Android 4.2.2-Based Optimus G

The handset has been enhanced for release in Europe, LG claims

LG’s current flagship device, the Optimus G, has been on the market in several countries around the world since the fourth quarter of the last year, but it has been officially launched in Europe only today, it seems.

The South Korean mobile phone maker published a formal announcement on the handset’s arrival on the Old Continent, claiming that it had also managed to enhance the experience that this phone can provide.

The updated device will hit shelves in Sweden this month, and will arrive in France, Germany and Italy at a later date, followed by other countries in Europe as well.

In January, LG announced Optimus G sales of over one million units, which seemed rather shy when compared to the performance of rivals, yet the limited market availability of the smartphone affected sales, it seems.

“Since the successful initial launch of Optimus G, LG has continued to improve the smartphone to offer better usability and value for our customers,” said Dr. Jong-seok Park, president and CEO of LG Electronics Mobile Communications Company.

“We’re excited to be bringing to Europe the improved Optimus G, our most powerful Quad-Core device optimized for 4G LTE networks.”

Optimus G will hit shelves in Europe with Android 4.2.2 loaded on it, while packing a True HD IPS Plus display and Zerogap Touch technology. The 4.7-inch 1280 x 768 IPS screen is protected by scratch-resistant Gorilla Glass 2, LG also notes.

Furthermore, the company notes that the original Optimus G UX was received well among users, and that the enhanced UX available on the European Optimus G now should appeal even more to them.

Users will enjoy features such as QSlide, which has been updated for 2013, and which enables various customizations, as well as Safety Care, for real-world assistance in case of emergency, through sending text messages to specific people that users have previously designated.

The smartphone will also arrive on shelves with features such as Google Now, Filmstrip View and Expandable Notification.

“Google Now offers personalized information in real-time whenever it’s needed. Filmstrip View simplifies the viewing and deleting of images and Expandable Notification allows users to see more notifications at a glance and preview certain content directly in the notification area,” LG notes.

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