LEGO Universe Gets Limited Time Frostburgh Area

Developer NetDevil and publisher LEGO Group have announced that the MMO LEGO Universe will be receiving a new zone, called Frostburgh, starting with Tuesday, November 30, allowing players to experience the joy of the holidays in the virtual space.

The new zone is dominated by a Space Blizzard which will bring a lot of snow to LEGO Universe and gamers will be able to experience new games, new themes and new collectibles.

The Frostivus holiday spirit will be celebrated in thirty consecutive days, with new missions introduced constantly to keep gamers interested.

Players will be able to collects holiday specific items like candy canes, will get into snowball fights, will get and give presents, use new Reindeer pets, construct new homes out of gingerbread and encounter new non playable characters like Sneezy Icewhisker, Sugarplum Fritz, Peppermint Lane and Hansel Tinseland.

The Vertigo Loop Racetrack will also be affected by the Space Blizzard and will get new racing missions, new achievements and new racing conditions, including ice and evil snowmen.

The developers are encouraging players to enjoy the winter themed events while they last although an end date for Frostburgh has not been specified in the announcement.

The initiative is designed to increase the profile of LEGO Universe in this crucial week when a lot of parents are picking up gifts for their children and lead to higher sales of the game.

The boxed package for LEGO Universe costs 39.99 dollars and a subscription for one month costs 9.99 dollars, with cuts for those who want to sign up for the long term.

LEGO Universe is based around the idea of pure imagination linked to the huge number of ways in which LEGO bricks can be used to create objects.

Players need to choose a faction of LEGO explorers who aim to contain a malevolent force known as the Maelstrom, which turns normal characters into Stromlings.

We have a full review of LEGO Universe elsewhere on Softpedia.

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