LEGO Star Wars II for Mobile Phones

The game is based on the Episode IV: A new hope movie.

After launching the big and successful LEGO Star Wars mobile game last year, THQ Wireless - which is one of the global leaders in mobile entertainment and a company that offers a wide range of wireless products including games, personalization products, information services and messaging - has just released, in cooperation with TT Games Publishing the LEGO Star Wars Mobile II, the sequel of the 2005 version.

The mobile version of the best seller game LEGO Star Wars includes the same family friendly action provided by LEGO, humor and puzzles that has brought all the fame and acclaims on the mobile game market until now for the game created by Universomo.

The game events are based on the Star Wars Episode IV: A new hope, in which Luke Skywalker and the R2-D2 robot are going on an undercover rescue mission on board of the Death Star, the ultimate weapon of the Empire.

The objective of the game is to find Princess Leia somewhere in the numerous prison cells aboard of Death Star and, during this mission, the players have to fight against the Empire's forces and solve LEGO puzzle to be able to proceed through all of the 18 interconnecting levels.

The players will take the role of Luke Skywalker, R2-D2 and Princess Leia and will have to use their mastery of the Force to move the LEGO objects along their way and build new pathways to be able to completely explore the ship.

Not only will the Star Wars fans have the opportunity to test how good they are at controlling the Force but, in the mean time, they will also have the opportunity to listen the soundtrack from the original Star Wars series.

Garry Edwards, the business development director of TT Games Publishing, the only publisher specialized in computer and video games for young gamers and their families, has declared that "TT Games Publishing are confident once again to have formed an alliance with THQ Wireless for the successful distribution of LEGO Star Wars II for mobile".

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