LED Lighting Market to Grow by 25% in 2014

That's what makers of LED lights and lighting systems believe

Once upon a time, LED (light emitting diode) technology was only an expensive, curious means of lighting a monitor or TV display, but it has since become strong and efficient enough, not to mention cheap enough, to be used for light bulbs and derivations thereof.

The LED lighting market reached $4.58 billion / €3.36 billion in 2013, according to supply chain sources cited by a new report.

2014, however, is expected to be even more lucrative. In fact, sales of LED lighting should grow by 25% on-year.

That means that the cumulative sum will be of around $5.7 billion / €4.18 billion. That quality and efficiency is growing while prices are dropping is helping a lot.

Demand will be high in slid state lighting (SSL), but backlighting units will do well also. Or so the expectations go.

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