LCD TVs and Monitors Should Be Getting Cheaper This Month

January 2013 will bring a price cut to large-size LCD panels

Liquid crystal displays have been on a steady price drop for months now, and it does our heart good to be able to say the same will happen for a while yet.

According to sources from vendors cited by Digitimes, panel prices will drop a bit further this month (January 2013).

Monitor and laptop screens will drift down by around $0.50-1.50 / 0.38-1.13 Euro.

TV screens will go even further, becoming cheaper by $1-40 / 0.75-30 Euro, give or take.

This trend will continue for so long as it takes vendors to empty their rather full inventories.

The Chinese Lunar New Year holidays will help here. The celebrations last for a whole week of February and are what the winter shopping season is for Christians.

Around seven million TVs are expected to ship in China during that time alone, with greater quantities to follow in March.

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