LCD TV Shipments Fall Significantly This Year

A group of important LCD makers suffers a clear sales drop

Sooner or later there will be a large study of the LCD market and how display makers from around the world did in 2012. For now, we will look at the LCD makers from Taiwan.

Taiwan is actually the spot where many hardware developers and manufacturers have their headquarters or factories.

Compal Electronics, Fosconn, Amtran, Pegatron and TPS are just a few of the LCD TV makers there. Among their customers are Philips, Sony, Toshiba, Vizio, etc.

In other words, the situation in Taiwan, sales-wise, can be a good indicator of what the state of the LCD market is in the entire world.

Right now, it isn't that good. Taiwan-based makers will have shipped 47.513 million LCD TVs in 2012, which is 17.6% lower than in 2011.

2013 is expected to show a rebound of 20.6% (44.726 million), but that is still a way off. Hopefully, the troubles between now and then won't cause more layoffs.

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