LCD Driver Chip Shipments Up 23% in 4Q12

It goes to show that display sales may be rising faster than anyone thought

Not much seems to be happening on the IT market right now, which is why rumors about what may or may not happen on the various market segments are getting more attention than usual.

Right now though, we aren't concerned with that may happen but what has already happened: liquid crystal display integrated circuit sales during the last three months of 2012.

Since LCD IC shipments means LCD shipments, hearing that 23.4% more sold during the fourth quarter of 2013 than in Q3 is an obvious sign that things are going well.

While PC sales have been dropping, LCDs are used in TVs and other consumer electronics as well, so they won't be dragged down anytime soon.

And with OLED being years away from having any chance of replacing LCD, liquid crystal displays can only keep selling.

Overall, it isn't news on the same level as the billions of touch panels set to ship in 2013, but it does show what things are like now: more or less good.

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