L5 Remote Now Available for iPhone, iPod touch

Turn your iPhone or iPod touch into a universal remote control

Earlier this year, the people at L5 presented their plans to un-clutter one’s coffee table of all remote controls and provide them with an application + IR transmitter that, combined, turned the iPhone or iPod touch into any kind of remote. According to an official report issued by the company today, the solution is now available for purchase.

As a universal remote solution, the L5 Remote offers quick and easy set-up using a drag-and-drop feature. This allows users to create their ideal remote control interface, and have just as many or just as few buttons as they like. Users can also eliminate those controls they never touched in their life. The L5 Remote is portable and does not require batteries, Wi-Fi or external power to work. As L5 Technologies explains, its solution is comprised of a small hardware device (the IR transmitter) that plugs into an iPhone or iPod touch dock connector, and a free application (download here).

“Starting today, anyone with an iPhone or iPod touch can control all of their electronic devices with the L5 Remote,” the company’s announcement reads. “L5 Technology announced worldwide availability of the L5 Remote, an accessory and free app that turn any iPhone or iPod touch into a universal remote control. The L5 Remote can be purchased online at www.L5Remote.com; and by the end of the month at Amazon, B&H, J&R. The L5 Remote has a MSRP of $49.95.”

A statement from Wade McNary, CEO of L5 Technology, is also included in the report. “This one small device reverses a long trend toward complexity in remote controls,” McNary says. “Demand for the L5 Remote has been strong and we look forward to working with our retail partners to reach consumers worldwide.”

According to the maker of L5 Remote, the solution is powerful enough to replace a coffee table full of remotes, and it’s not lying. It has a 100,000 button / 1,000 remote capacity, the specs list shows. Visit L5 Technology here for more information.

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