L.A. Reid Announces He’s Out of X Factor

Music mogul says season 3 of the show won’t find him in the judge’s seat

With season 2 of X Factor USA almost over, speculation on who will judge and mentor aspiring singers on the next season has already begun. L.A. Reid, for one, has already decided he won’t be back.

Check out the video below to hear it straight from the man.

With yet no word on whether Britney Spears or Demi Lovato will return, Reid says he’s already made up his mind because he feels like he’s neglected his business long enough.

“I have decided that I will not return to The X Factor next year. I have to go back — I have a company to run that I’ve kind of neglected,” he says.

However, he doesn’t rule out returning as judge sometime later but, for the time being, he just wants the world to know that he’s sitting season 3 out.

He also stresses that he has no say in who’s going to replace him but, if he did, he would probably choose Jon Bon Jovi.

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