Kyocera Echo Software Update Available Now, Fixes Lots of Issues

Sprint has issued the first maintenance software update for the Kyocera Echo, one of the few dual-touch screen devices available on the market.

The update is pushed OTA (over-the-air) in stages, so users should be patient if they do no see the update on their phones first hand.

According to Sprint, the update will be deployed on 10% of Kyocera Echo devices and will continue to increase the amount of units updated as it rolls out.

To update the Kyocera Echo over-the-air, simply go to Settings / System Updates and tap Update firmware.

The phone will automatically download and install any available updates. Users may manually reboot the phone after the installation process is complete, in case it doesn't restart automatically.

Kyocera Echo maintenance software update 1.100sp change log is detailed below:


- Proximity Sensor deactivates too slowly causing a phone reset;

- Hotspot timeout setting;

- Copy quoted text does not appear to be copied;

- Document viewer insufficient memory error;

- Sims downloading issue;

- Screen blacking out during a call;

- Proximity sensor malfunction during call;

- Unable to adjust volume from handset w/ backlight off in Bluetooth call;

- Nascar videos - Final Laps video will not play;

- WiFi battery drain when connected to AP;

- Device power cycling after taking it off the charger;

- Phantom Ringtone as SMS notification or when initiating a data session;

- Power cycling.

To check if the update was installed successfully simply go to Settings / About phone and then tap Software Version to display the current firmware version, which should be 1.100sp.

As a side note, it appears that even after this maintenance software update, the phone is still plagued by a minor Wi-Fi related bug.

Users who already updated their Echo devices reported that the phone continues to not use the available Wi-Fi access points.

A temporary solution would be to disable and re-enable the Wi-Fi connectivity until the phone starts using the Wi-Fi access point.

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