Kyocera Echo Gingerbread Update Adds NFC Support and Wi-Fi Calling

Although Sprint has already confirmed that Kyocera Echo will receive Android 2.3.3 Gingerbread update on August 1st, it appears that the handset manufacturer decided to go with the latest version of the operating system, thus the smartphone will get Android 2.3.4 on the same date.

According to Kyocera, the update will bring several new features and improvements including Wi-Fi calling and NFC (Near Field Communication) support.

The software update is likely to be pushed OTA (over the air) with the early adopters beginning to receive it on August 1st.

Kyocera Echo's latest Android 2.3.4 Gingerbread software update will bring the following new features and enhancements:

- An upgrade to the Swype 3.0 virtual keypad, with Tap Correction and Horizontal Word Choice List (predictive list);

- An improved Downloads application, offering easy access to any file downloaded from the browser, email or another application;

- Pinch-to-zoom in Browser, Gallery, Maps and Sprint Navigation;

- Internet calling over Wi-Fi;

- A Near Field Communication (NFC) Reader to interact with posters, advertisements, products, etc.

The upcoming software update comes as a surprise, especially that Kyocera did not mention the fact that the Echo might embed an NFC module.

In addition, Sprint has yet to make any announcements regarding support for Wi-Fi calling, a service that is currently supported by T-Mobile USA.

To update the Kyocera Echo over-the-air, simply go to Settings / System Updates and tap Update firmware.

The phone will automatically download and install any available updates. Users may manually reboot the phone after the installation process is complete, in case it doesn't restart automatically.

To check if the update was installed successfully simply go to Settings / About phone and then tap Software Version to display the current firmware version.

Stay tuned for more information on the matter as we receive word about the release of Android 2.3.4 Gingerbread for Kyocera Echo.

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