Kylie Jenner Got Breast Implants at 15, Twitter Says

Reality star and model posts revealing pic, gets the rumor mill going

The Kardashian family is often plagued by plastic surgery rumors – Kim in particular –, but this is the first time one of the Jenner girls sets tongues wagging about the possibility of having had some sort of intervention.

The other day, 15-year-old Kylie Jenner posted on her Twitter a photo of herself in a two-piece black bikini, showing off her enviable figure.

According to MediaTakeOut, the photo got many people speculating whether Kylie may have had some kind of intervention to get a bigger cleavage.

“They're Saying On TWITTER... That Kim Kardashian's 15 Year Old Sister... Got Her [breasts] DONE!!! (What Do YOU Think... PICS),” the gossip e-zine asks its readers.

Some agree with it that there’s a chance the rumor might be true, but Gossip Cop insists it’s all a shameless lie.

As fans must already know, this is what Kim has also been saying for years, ever since she shot into the spotlight as Paris Hilton’s BFF and her ample backside immediately got the attention of the paparazzi.

In fact, if you remember, Kim even had her backside X-rayed on her family reality show to prove that there was nothing there that wasn’t hers, that she didn’t have implants.

Throughout the years, she also repeatedly shot down talk of lip injections, too much Botox, a nose job, a breast job, and countless other interventions meant to make her look flawless on TV.

Her line of reasoning has always been that, if she’s not ashamed to admit on camera to trying Botox, getting blood facials or even getting hair lasered off from all areas of her body, she wouldn’t be ashamed of and lie about going under the knife either.

Her mother and manager Kris Jenner infamously chronicled her facelift and breast job for the same reality show.

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