Kwheezy 1.5 Distro Is Based on Debian 7.4, Looks a Little Like Windows, But Better

The latest version of Kwheezy can be downloaded from Softpedia

Kwheezy 1.5, a Debian-based operating system designed for general purpose desktop computing, has been released and is now available for download.

There aren’t many Debian-based distribution out there that are using KDE, but Kwheezy is a very good example. The developer said that Kwheezy can be better described as a well configured Debian KDE installer.

Like most Linux distributions, Kwheezy is designed to work out of the box and give the regular users straightforward experience. It comes with all the applications, plugins, fonts and drivers that a user will need for daily use, and then some.

Kwheezy GNU / Linux is using KDE 4.8.4, which is not exactly the newest one available right now. The developer went for stability and used an interface that has been around for some time and which has proven itself to be reliable.

The distribution also uses Linux Kernel 3.2 LTS (Long Term Support), which is also a rather old release. Fortunately, this particular Linux kernel branch is still updated on a regular basis and it’s almost ready to take on any number of hardware configurations.

The developers of Kwheezy don’t simply integrate a few applications and core components, they also bring a large number of their own apps, like a Profiler (backup/restore user profiles), a Keyboard Selector (GUI for debian keyboard selection), a Localizer (GUI for changing / adding locales), a AutoStart Chooser (GUI - choose some applications to start at login), a Switch Video Driver (GUI tool to quickly and easily switch video driver), a Toggle Screens (GUI tool for switching display to projectors etc.), and a Connector (GUI tool for setting up SFTP and WebDAV connections).

The current version of Kwheezy 1.5, also comes with a large number of features and improvements. For example, the installer has been improved and a boot flag has been added to the root partition, the "Kwheezy Connector" will easily setup mounted WebDAV and SFTP connections, the application has been updated to Debian 7.4, and the default font has been changed to Deja Vu Sans.

Also, Google Earth has been updated to version 7, PDF-Shuffler has replaced PDFmod, the Quick USB Formatter is now installed by default, the KDE Print Manager in System Settings is now installed by default, and Mozilla Firefox and Mozilla Thunderbird 24 ESR are updated to latest version.

Check the official announcement for more details about this release. Download Kwheezy 1.5 right now from Softpedia.

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